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We specialize in detailing.  From a simple hand polish to a full restoration...we have the expertise.

Water Spots?  Many of our customers have experienced the ugly residue from well water irrigation.

Palm Coast Car Wash Full service and detail

Detail Services

Washing Your car in the driveway may seem like the gentlest way of preventing "swirl" marks in your car's finish. These are minute scratches in the clear coat that are circular in shape.  The automatic car wash is actually safer than a wash in your driveway!

Soft Cloth Technology


Palm Coast Car Wash in Palm Coast, FL.  

We feature a full array of services to keep your car looking like new.

Located on Old Kings Road North (next to the Bowling Alley) See Map

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Full Service

We vacuum and clean windows.  We also provide a full array of detail services.

Express Exterior

Just need a wash?  5 minutes or less!  We towel dry every car.

Soft Cloth Technology

Our system is more gentle than you can do with hand washing in your driveway!

Self Service

We have two bays dedicated to the do it your self car wash enthusiast.

New! Pay with your credit card!

Air Shammee

In self serve bay.  Dry your motorcycle or car with a blast of air!

Self Service Vacuum

Four vacuums for your convenience as well.

Exterior Service - 5 minutes or less!

Economy Wash

Basic Wash and Hand Towel


Silver Wash

Economy Wash plus 5 step wheel cleaning, Undercarriage,Triple Foam, Sealer Protectant & Hand Towel


Gold Wash
Silver Wash plus, Frosty Foam Bath, Hand Applied Tire Shine and Hand Towel

Platinum Wash

Gold Wash (includes Frosty Foam Bath) plus Rain-X protectant and Hand Towel


Economy Interior

Silver Wash, plus:Vacuum and Windows,  

Summer Special $14.00!

Regularly $17.00

Ruby Interior

Gold Wash (includes Tire Shine) plus
Vacuum, Windows, and Fragrance


Emerald Interior

Platinum Wash (includes Tire Shine and Rain-X) plus Vacuum, Windows, Fragrance, and Dashboard Treatment.


Diamond Shine Interior
Platinum Wash (includes Tire Shine and Rain-X) plus Vacuum, Windows, Fragrance, Dashboard Treatment plus Door Panel Treatment and Hand applied Spray Wax

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Our soft cloth combined with precise chemical application has been proven to protect your finish better than you can do yourself with hand-washing.

Still washing your car in the driveway?

Our courteous staff is dedicated to service.  We pride ourselves on doing it right the first time.  We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Palm Coast Car Wash
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Palm Coast Car Wash in Palm Coast